Swagger Document Generation without Launching a Webserver

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I just spent a ridiculously long time trying to figure out how to use swagger-core to generate a swagger document from JAX-RS annotated Java classes. All I was able to find via Google were pages like this that talk about how easy it is and then only show examples of launching a swagger application, which provides a webserver endpoint that provides a generated swagger document. However they don’t give an example of just generating the document as a string for use in code without having to stand up a webserver.

So in the hopes that this will save someone else the headache I just went through, here’s the code required to generate a swagger document from a JAX-RS annotated class in yaml or json format.

Reader.read() also accepts a Set of classes as input if you want to generate a single swagger document from multiple resource classes.

You’re welcome, Internets. :-P

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