First Post!

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I’ve been in software development for over a decade now, which is kind of crazy. In addition to that, I’ve been working at Amazon for over half my career, which has been a unique and exciting experience. Building systems that scale to Amazon’s demands tends to really accelerate one’s learning, so I can say at this point that I have amassed a ton of experience developing software at scale.

I’ve written several blog posts and given talks on various technical topics inside Amazon. However, the topics that have received the largest response have more to do with the human factors of software development than the technical aspects. Topics like work/life balance, building positive team cultures, and common pitfalls in software development are always very popular. I think it’s because my stance on these topics is that they go hand in hand with consistently delivering quality software, which can be counterintuitive to some.

A lot of these ideas are not specific to Amazon and are relevant to the more general software development industry. So I’m starting this external blog to share my thoughts and learnings on software development, as well as the humans who create it.


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