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There is No U in CRUD

5 minute read

REST is built around the concept of resources, represented as URIs. Making an HTTP call specifying an HTTP verb and a resource URI takes an action on the spe...

Productivity Tips

7 minute read

One of the new developer tips I gave in my previous post, Tips for New Software Developers, was

Bad Habits We Learn in School

9 minute read

One of the most pervasive problems in the tech industry is poor work-life balance. Long hours and “death marches” can seem like the norm, especially when you...

Tips for New Software Developers

10 minute read

Amazon is a fast-paced, decentralized and constantly changing environment. It can be a bit of a shock to new people coming into the company. Because of this,...

Don’t Worry About Failure…Embrace It!

4 minute read

A member of a team I’ve been mentoring recently confided in me that he had decided it was time to move on and try working on another team. Amazon has a very ...